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Wear is She Wednesday: Kate Glavan

Wear is She Wednesday: Kate Glavan




In a world that tells women they must choose between style and intelligence, Kate Glavan is fearlessly advocating for the (somehow not obvious) fact that women can have both. She is perhaps the most fashionable future Lawyer you could ever hope to know. She's a sustainability supporter and a power suit partisan and one to keep your eye on because in a few years, she might just save the planet. Keep reading for her thoughts on pantsuits, running shoes and taking chances.

Hi, Kate! Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hi, I'm Kate Glavan, a Pre-Law and Politics Student at New York University in NYC! I'm currently working as a research assistant at a government tech startup called Supersystem, where we are building a digital platform to make government

services more accessible for users. I am also doing research for a law professor at New York University. And I have my own personal blog where I compile a bi-weekly newsletter to make politics, environmental and climate news as well as sustainability tips more accessible to the average news consumer!

1. What was your personal style journey like? And did you make any mistakes along the way?

My style developed throughout high school, then again when I moved to New York three years ago for college. I fell in love with thrifting in Minnesota as a way to reduce my own environmental impact by avoiding fast-fashion. It's a way to refuse wasteful consumption, plus you can regenerate a new life in an acquired item. I always love imagining the person who wore some of my crazy pantsuits or vintage bags in a past life.

The hunt of finding a piece that you love makes some of my favorite thrifted items so special to me. I will always remember the corner of a jam-packed thrift store where I found the piece. When I moved to New York, I felt a pressure to save up to buy designer pieces... but luckily got over it. I have a few pieces from when I worked in the fashion industry as a freshman, but now look to secondhand marketplaces for designer goods. I love TheRealReal.

2. Who or what inspires your style most currently?

Leandra Medine has always been, and to this day, [is still] my biggest style inspiration. She truly reinvigorated personal style that challenges traditional norms and what it means to be a "woman" in the modern world. I've been loving ways to incorporate sportiness into my look, whether it be through a baseball hat, leather crossbody bag, sneakers, or a vintage crew-neck sweatshirt. It's really nice for on-the-go, especially if I'm running to or from a workout class and still want to be polished in New York!

3. Is there anything on your thrift list right now?

Yes! I am always on the hunt for perfectly fitting trousers. I am a sucker for a pantsuit. I have about 6 vintage blazer / pant or skirt sets that I plan to wear to law school, one day. *fingers crossed* I'm pretty tall (6'0) so I never get to purchase any cool vintage shoes, unfortunately, but I always dream of acquiring a vintage loafer or oxford. (Sometimes I shop in the men's section for shoes and coats, too!)

4. What’s one tip you could share for finding your personal style?

Take risks! Try again! Purchase what you find yourself frequently gravitating towards and wearing on most days. I used to tell myself I should stop buying white or creme blouses, but realized that is a staple in how I like to get dressed. Always spend your money on pieces for longevity, things you wear each day and will wear for long periods of your life. I will always buy myself nice running shoes (Hokas!!!) and vintage coats, for example.

5. What’s your current favorite item in your wardrobe and why?

This floor-length vintage houndstooth trench coat I found back home in Minnesota 🙂 It's so perfect to throw over a boring outfit since it's so long and covers everything. I feel really powerful walking around New York in such an amazingly tailored, strong piece.

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: What’s something you’re really proud of right now?

Pushing myself academically and professionally since moving to New York and taking a chance on myself to pursue law school.

Where else can we find you, Kate?

My Instagram is @kateglavan and my blog is! You can sign up to receive my bi-weekly newsletter, here.


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