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Raquel Beauchamp's "Copy Paste" Motto for Beginner Ballerinas

Raquel Beauchamp wearing white tutu and pointe shoes

Interview by Veronica Viccora


Exclusive Interview with Raquel Beauchamp

Raquel Beauchamp is a rare breed. She's a dancer, a photographer and all around creative taking the New York City dance world by storm. After starting her ballet career at 24 and only dancing on pointe for 6 years, she's proving that it's indeed, never too late. Today, we chat about her biggest dance inspirations, her must read book for all ballet nerds and her unique advice for late blooming ballerinas.


Hi Raquel, nice to meet you! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! My name is Raquel and I’m originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I grew up dancing jazz, commercial and hip hop, with some tap and ballet along the way 🕺🏽 I moved to NYC to study photography and, of course, continue dancing :) When I got my first “big job” at InStyle Magazine, no less, dance slowly got put in the back burner until I suddenly wasn’t dancing anymore—and I MISSED IT! So I took my first ballet class in 3 years and the rest is history. I quit my full time job and have now been dancing on pointe for 6 years and pursuing ballet full-time. 

What first inspired you to start dancing?

Watching Alessandra Ferri and also my cousin when I was a teen! She did ballet and pointe for a long time. I would always try on her shoes and say, “I wanna dance on pointe someday too!”

As an adult—even though I trained in ballet throughout life, it wasn’t consistent so I never got up to the pointe level I dreamed of. At 24, I actively made the decision of sticking to it until I achieved it—even if it was just a hobby after work vibes. The growth that I saw that first year truly inspired me to keep growing and become a full-time freelance ballet artist.

What do you love most about ballet?

She’s tough, she’s gritty yet so elegant and graceful, full of artistry and emotion through every step. I love the journey, from the first pointe shoe fitting to now achieving things on pointe I never thought were possible at my age. 

What are the biggest challenges you're working to overcome in ballet?

My biggest challenge at the moment is overcoming my fear of double step-overs and fouettés on pointe :) Why are they so doable on flat but so scary on pointe? [laughs]

Are you currently working towards any dance goals or dreams?

Everyday! Besides fouettés on pointe, I’m working towards learning a new variation that I’d like to perform this year and would love to book more dance jobs in the city. 

Other than ballet, what else are you into?

Besides ballet, I’m also a professional photographer! Photographing dancers is my bread and butter, and I absolutely love being in front of the camera as well :) 

Raquel Beauchamp getting ready for. ballet performance backstage

If you were a breakfast food, what would you be?

Waffles, no question!

What advice would you have for those who may be starting dance "late?"

Anything is possible if you put your mind, body and soul into it. You want to start ballet? DO IT. Just start. Learn about the art form and artists that are currently thriving in it. Watch videos, watch how dancers execute each step and try and “copy paste”, my fave motto. Also film yourself!! It might be cringe but it will help you fix, grow and glow.

What are you loving lately, ballet or otherwise?

Bkr water bottles are my absolute favorite and I am loving Laneige lip mask my girlfriend got me for Christmas. And as someone who doesn’t read much, I highly recommend reading David Hallberg’s book, A Body of Work. So good, so inspiring. A must read for all ballet nerds.

Any fun projects you'd like to share?

I will be dancing with CityDanceNY this season which I’m super excited about! And I’m also Chameleon Activewear’s content creator and photographer—working closely with April Giangeruso and fellow ABT ballerinas has truly been life changing and absolutely inspiring as both a dancer and photographer.

Where else can we find you Raquel?

On Instagram @raqbeau and @rqlphoto / for my photography work. Dance website coming soon!

Raquel Beauchamp wearing orange ballet outfit and warming up in studio


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