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Bun Got You Bored? 5 Creative & Easy Ballet Hairstyles to Try Instead

By Veronica Viccora


Ah, the bun.

An essential part of the ballet world and yet one I've yet to master with my long hair. Try as I might to secure them, on any given day, I can be seen sending bobby pins halfway across the room mid pique turn. So lately, I've been on a mission to finally tame these locks.

But here's the thing. As much as we ballerinas adore our craft, we can't deny that sometimes all the repetition, all the rigidity gets to us... right? The discipline of ballet that makes it so beautiful is also exactly what makes it so.... frustrating sometimes.

We're constantly fixing and perfecting and doing our best to blend in to the unit of our class or company, so much so that we can lose ourselves in the process. But hair is the place where we can have just a little bit of fun. It's a way we can reclaim and rediscover the artist, the child, the individual in ourselves again.

So if you're bored of the same old low ballet bun and want to explore your sense of self expression once again, keep reading for some creative & easy ballet hairstyles to experiment with in your next class.

5 Easy Ballet Hairstyle Ideas

Y2K spiky bun hairstyle for ballet

1. The Y2K

I never thought I'd say this, but lately I've been having a love affair with the 2000s and I can't stop obsessing over a spiky, space age-y bun moment.

WHY IT WORKS: It's basically the ballet bun's edgier cousin. It's still completely secure to your hair and relatively easy to achieve, but has a little more personality.

double space buns with pink bows

2. The Double Trouble

Why go for one bun when you can go for TWO! And bonus points if you make them both Y2k inspired ;)

WHY IT WORKS: While I was nervous about having two buns to maintain, I realized that splitting up the hair makes each bun lighter, and therefore easier to stay in place, so it's great for those with long, thick hair! Plus, it's adorable.

heart shaped braid woven with bows

low ballet bun with white ribbon

balletcore hairstyle idea

3. The Coquette

Why keep the ribbons to your pointe shoes when you can wear them on your head? Why keep the sparkles to your costume when your hair is begging for attention? Weave bows in and out of braids, bling out your buns with gems or clips and feel instantly cuter with minimal effort.

WHY IT WORKS: It adds virtually no time onto your getting ready process but elevates your ballet hairstyle instantly.


ballerina wearing french twist hairstyle

ballet hairstyle french twist

4. The French Twist

If you're looking for a ballet hairstyle that's still classical but slightly elevated, the French twist is the perfect look for you.

WHY IT WORKS: It keeps your hair super secure and looks a lot harder than it actually is to create.

heart shaped pigtail braids

bubble ponytail hairstyle

5. The Playful Pony

For the days when any bun at all is too much effort, a unique ponytail or pigtail is the way to go. It's effortless and cool while staying functional and perfect for barrework. (For those with long hair though: be careful not to whip yourself or others!)

WHY IT WORKS: It's cute and totally fuss free!

One of many joys of coming to ballet late in life is that the adult ballet space allows for much more freedom than many of the more traditional classrooms. The rules are often lax when it comes to our outfits and hair and yet, all through my first year, I wanted to look and feel like the traditional ballerina I never got to be as a child.

But as I embark on my second year as an adult ballerina, I find myself craving a little more self expression.


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