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Wear is She Wednesday: Emma Ortiz

Oil paint artist Emma Ortiz

Wear is She Wednesday:

Emma Ortiz



Enter the artistic world of Emma Ortiz and you're transported to your most whimsical, candy-colored fantasies. While many lives have been shrouded in darkness since 2020, Emma not only found a way to thrive in such strange times, but to make life bright and beautiful again. There's an almost healing quality to her creations, as if she has the ability to capture the art of being calm with her paint brush.

After studying illustration at Parsons in NYC, Emma moved to Miami to further her artistic education and she quickly connected to oil paints thanks to her professor's nudge. But of course, studio art is not Emma's singular talent. Clothing seems to be another one of her mediums, because her outfits are one masterpiece after another.

Hooked yet? Of course you are, because she's the coolest! So keep reading for her thoughts on semi sunny garages, orchids and vintage furniture.

Hi Emma, please introduce your wonderful self!

Hi! My name is Emma Ortiz. I am an artist based in Miami, FL. I spend my days in a mostly sunny garage-turned-studio painting in oils.

Oil paint artist Emma Ortiz in her garage studio

Oil paint artist Emma Ortiz wearing printed pants and uggs

How would you describe your artistic style?

My art practice stems from inner and outer moods. Both self portraits and narratives, the pieces rely on intuition and mixing color to share the way that I see objects from nature and imagination. The paintings tell stories of balance, finding peace, and trusting yourself.

Emma Ortiz in front of a large oil painting

Emma Ortiz oil paintings

Can you tell us a little about your creative process?

I started working in oils towards the end of 2019. So when the whirlwind of 2020 hit, I found myself painting outdoors everyday and turned to the orchids in my yard as a starting point. Painting flowers quickly began to feel less like a study and more like diary entries with each sitting.

Creating work is the only time in my life where I feel fully present and I try to stay focused on that with each piece. I don’t plan much beforehand and instead listen to my body while working to guide me in whatever direction I need to move in. I am really inspired by the fact that every day is a new day. A fresh start and opportunity to put into action whatever it is that makes you feel good and happy.

How did you discover your artistic style or are you still discovering it?

A big part of making art for me is reflecting on self growth. Even if I’m at a place where I know what I want to say through my pieces, I’m always working on pushing myself further into self discovery and seeing what comes out of it.

artist Emma Ortiz painting in her garage studio

Oil paint artist Emma Ortiz in her garage studio wearing Mary Jane shoes

What fun things are you loving lately?

I try to listen to a new album every week when I paint. For memories sake, it’s fun to look back on what I was listening to while making different pieces. Right now I'm re-obsessed with The Head and The Heart. They’re a band I used to listen to a lot while I was a teenager, and revisiting their music now with new perspectives is refreshing. My favorite song by them is Cats and Dogs.

Aside from art, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

I love to sit and talk with my mom about anything, but mostly when we look through vintage furniture and design catalogs that were my grandmothers. I also have a lot of fun finding new ways to photograph my work by playing with natural light. And as of recently, I love to bake!

Oil paint artist Emma Ortiz in her garage studio

Oil paint artist Emma Ortiz next to her paintings

What's something you're really proud of right now?

I’m in the process of shipping some works out for an international exhibition, which is something I’m really excited for.

Where else can we find you Emma?

Most of everything right now is shared through Instagram @emmaortizart and my website


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