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Wear is She Wednesday: April

Wear is She Wednesday:

April of Your Grace is Divine



how to wear space buns hairstyle, April Vrangel of Your Grace is divine

Meet April, the designer behind Your Grace is Divine, a clothing brand that offers cute and comfy clothes that can be worn for years to come. Drawing inspiration from her Californian surroundings, April tries to create a "Summer of Love" type warmth through her work. Today, we're going to chat with the girl behind the brand though, and her personality is perhaps more sparkling than the glittering mini dresses she recently released. So keep reading for her thoughts on mainstream culture, hyper femininity and forbidden fruits.

Hi April, Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hey guys, what's up it's April otherwise known as "Your Grace is Divine '' on instagram and Depop. I'm a designer in Orange County and I make wearable art. I started designing and re-working clothes when I was in highschool but after I graduated I went to college and started a full time job at a healthcare technology company. So I never really pursued my passion until 2018.

That year I started my brand Your Grace is Divine. At first, I was just selling on Depop but I created my own website this year! The purpose behind my brand is to form a community of young woman who cheer each other on instead of tearing each other down which is the meaning behind the phrase "Your Grace is Divine."

90s inspired space buns hairstyle, rave outfit inspiration

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as hyper feminine. I love dresses and cardigans and boots. Combat boots and sundresses are my go to <3

Tell us about the process of discovering your sense of style up to this point.

I grew up in Orange County, where [many girls are] heavily influenced by trends and mainstream culture so I grew up wearing a lot of Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville. As I grew up and my day to day outfits called for more of an "office look," the dixie shorts changed to long peplum skirts but my aesthetic changed to being hyper feminine.

I find it strong and empowering presenting as hyper feminine because most of my career I have been surrounded by men and other women who undermine me because I am "pretty". There is nothing wrong with being pretty and smart, in fact, you can use that to your advantage by networking with people who might not otherwise let you into their circle. Style is all about how you want the world to perceive you so dress like the version of yourself you want to be and maybe not who you are!

cute summer outfit inspiration

April Vrangel of Your Grace is divine

If you could travel to any time period in fashion, which would you choose and why?

I would love to be a part of the early 90's fashion. I idolize designers like Vivienne Westwood and Mugler and that was their prime. I would also love to go 20 years into the future and see what is trendy then. Will fast fashion still be as popular or will independent designers become more common?

April Vrangel of Your Grace is divine

Aside from fashion, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

I have a huge passion for film and photography. I think that may be why I love social media so much. Sometimes when I get an outfit all I can think about is taking pictures and videos and sharing it with my friends.

What fun things are you currently loving?

I'm actually so obsessed with the podcast Forbidden Fruits by Julia Fox and Nikki Takesh. They interview people in all types of industries and it's very interesting to listen to.

April Vrangel of Your Grace is divine

What's something you're really proud of right now?

I am very proud of the collections I have released. Building a brand is all about having a strong story and every piece of content reveals a small part of that story. Each collection I have released has a strong image because the models and photographers I collaborated with also fit the story I was telling. I am so grateful and I am excited to meet new people I can collaborate with. I love seeing my designs come to life.

Where else can we find you, April?

You can follow me on my personal Instagram where I share behind the scenes of my business and lifestyle <3 @aprilvrangel

I also have a YouTube channel where I do in-depth street style analysis

And you can subscribe to my brand's newsletter on to be the first to know when my next collection is released.


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