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Wear is She Wednesday: Khalia Shearer

Khalia Shearer selfie

Kahlia Shearer is one of those girls who just glows. Not just because she’s somehow managed to totally master the art of the fresh-faced, dewy makeup look, but because she’s bursting with life and creativity. Between living all over the world and creating her own line of handmade clay jewelry, it’s incredible that she still has time to look so chic!

Nevertheless, she does it all, and with seemingly effortless grace. Read on to get the scoop on the country that inspires her style most and what her favorite midnight snack is.

Hi Kahlia, Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hi there! My name is Kahlia (pronounced kuh-lee-uh) Shearer! I am a senior in college getting my degree in Media Studies & Communications. Right now I am living in Colorado but I am a Seattle girl, born and raised! I have always been interested in fashion, keeping up with trends and expressing myself through my style. My Instagram is a way for me to have that sort of creative outlet and connect with fellow fashionistas. Currently I am interning for a local creative agency as a social media manager and I also work with content creation and photography!

girl wearing floral milk maid top

Khalia Shearer in a neutral outfit

1. What’s your current favorite item in your wardrobe?

My current favorite item in my wardrobe is my nude linen matching set from Nobody’s Child! I love supporting sustainable brands especially when their clothes are affordable and cute as heck! Also who doesn’t love a matching set???

2. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

If I had to describe my style in 3 words I would choose: Parisian, Simple & Neutral.

Khalia Shearer wearing a neutral dress

denim shorts and black tank top outfit

3. What has your personal style journey been like and have you made any mistakes along the way?

Looking back at some things I used to wear in high school and junior high makes me cringe. I definitely wasn’t afraid to wear things out of the ordinary, like prints and colors, which I find interesting because now I tend to buy more neutral items. I’d say my biggest fashion mistake was wearing Uggs in junior high. They were way too expensive and I honestly just bought them because they were trendy at the time.

4. Who or what inspires your style most?

I find inspiration for my style through a lot of different ways. Instagram and Pinterest are huge influences and ways to spark my personal style. I also really love looking at European fashion and street style. While I lived in Amsterdam last year I got a ton of inspiration from people on the streets, I feel like style is so much cooler there! I also love to look at style from the 70s and 90s to add some retro touches.

5. What’s your favorite midnight snack?

I am a sucker for anything salty. My go to midnight snack would probably be some buttery popcorn!

light blue milk maid outfit

Khalia Shearer golden hour selfie

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: What’s something you’re really proud of right now?

I am really proud of my internship position at the moment because it’s like the perfect fit for me and what I want to be achieving in my life! Being able to work in a creative industry and do the things that I’m passionate about is such a rewarding experience and full of growth! I feel lucky and proud to be able to have this opportunity so young.

Where else can we find you, Kahlia?

I am most active on my Instagram and my Pinterest is pretty poppin’ too! Both are @kahliaanika. Also look out for my handmade jewelry brand that’s going to be launching on Instagram soon, @klei.handmade!


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