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Wear is She Wednesday: Emma Grace Moon

Emma Grace Moon in Brooklyn, NY

Emma Grace Moon's Brooklyn Apartment

Yep. That’s her real name. Brooklyn based Emma Grace Moon is one of the most inspiring people you’ll ever meet. With a personality just as magical as her name, Emma is the kind of girl that makes you believe anything is possible. At just 17, in pursuit of her dreams, Emma moved to Brooklyn fresh out of High School and jumped right into being a successful career woman without ever even getting a college degree.

Aside from her unwavering determination and infectious positivity, Emma is the kind of person who genuinely cares for others in a way that perhaps no one else does. Her name may be Moon, but being around her feels as warm as sunlight. Read on to see Emma’s full interview below.

Hi Emma! Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hi! My name is Emma Grace. I’m a Brooklyn-based long distance runner, coffee lover, travel goer, small business shopper, and hardcore dancer (I’m no professional though).

1. What’s your current favorite item in your wardrobe and why?

I recently found the cutest white shorts with green stripes at a thrift shop near my apartment. They have an elastic waist and flare out a bit to give it the perfect 80s look. I wear them with everything and they are so comfortable (which is very important)!

Emma Grace Moon in NYC

2. What’s one thing on your thrift list right now?

I want to find some amazing flare pants. It’s hard to find a pair that aren’t too long on me and hit me perfectly at the waist, so it will be a miracle when that day comes.

3. What does personal style mean to you?

Personal style is an ever changing thing for me. Some days I want to dress up in a gown and heels, other days I wanna wear baggy jeans and a t-shirt with Old Dirty Bastard on it. The one thing I love about style is that it is whatever YOU make it. There are no right or wrong choices you can make! I have fun with it.

Minimalist Brooklyn Apartment

Emma Grace Moon

4. You’re throwing a party and get to invite any 5 people, dead or alive, who are you inviting?

Cyndi Lauper, Lisa Bonet, Loverne Cox, Lena Dunham, and Chrissie Teigen. Yes, that is a badass group of women.

5. What do you hope to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as someone who had a never ending supply of love and kindness to give to my community. From my neighborhood, to my friend group, to my family, I want people to remember me as that person they could lean on for support.

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: what’s something you’re really proud of right now?

I am really proud of myself recently. I accepted a new job offer and can’t wait for this new chapter in my life. It’s a really exciting time and I am proud of myself for being ambitious, knowing my worth, and giving myself time to find my path.

Emma Grace Moon

Where else can we find you, Emma?

I try to keep my social media to just Instagram (@emmagracemoon). I deleted Snapchat and Twitter a while back as a social media cleanse and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Otherwise, you may see me running around Brooklyn attempting to train for a half-marathon 🙂


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