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Wear is She Wednesday: Elin Torr

Elin Torr wearing a headscarf and sunglasses

Elin Torr is a British artist as stylish and stunning as the work she creates. I couldn't wait to interview her. I happened upon her instagram account by chance and fell head over (Gucci) heels for her unique fashion illustration style: a perfect blend of abstraction and realism. Read on for her thoughts on artistic inspiration, creativity blocks and London's hotspots.

Hi Elin! Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hi! My name is Elin Torr and I’m a fashion illustrator that loves clothes and cocktails a bit too much!

Elin Torr with pigtail braids

1. When did you discover your passion for art?

I discovered my passion for art from a very early age, I’ve always loved drawing and doodling every chance I get!

2. What role do you believe creativity plays in your life?

Creativity plays a big role in my life. I love being creative and as well as illustrating I also love photography and I’m currently getting into styling! I’m always thinking about what I can do next.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?

I find inspiration for my work everywhere. Sometimes I’ll pass something random on the street and think, woah that’ll be a nice colour or shape for an illustration! I also get loads of inspiration from magazines and other artists on Instagram.

Elin Torr wearing Simone Rocha

Elin Torr illustrations

4. Do you have any resource recommendations for other artists? (books, podcasts, etc.)

My favorite magazines are Pusspuss and Purple Magazine. I would really recommend having a nosey in Rococo News & Magazines in Nottinghill, if you love your magazines, it’s a dream! Would also recommend listening to The High Low podcast.

Elin Torr illustrations

5. What’s one tip you could share for aspiring artists?

The one tip I would share for aspiring artists it to keep on going. Being an artist isn’t always easy especially when you go through art blocks which are the worst! Remember that someone somewhere is appreciating your work.

Simone Rocha shoes

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go:

What’s something you’re really proud of right now?

Looking back at this year I’m really proud of myself for getting into my dream uni (UAL)! I haven’t had a chance to fully take it in yet as this year has been so hectic for me but I’m proud of myself for achieving that!

Where else can we find you, Elin?

You can find my personal account over at @eliiint where you can find lots of clothes and cocktails!


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