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Wear is She Wednesday: Bianca Monte

Bianca Monte @rizzodraws

Brazlian artist, Bianca Monte, or @rizzodraws as you may know her on instagram, views the world through a gorgeously colorful lens. Through her artwork, she brings people to life in the most whimsical ways and scrolling through her instagram feed is like walking through a visual candy shop. Baby pinks, playful florals and powerful females all swirl together to make up Bianca’s renderings.

It was a treat to not only interview her, but to have my own portrait done in her style! Check it out below and read on to see how Bianca stays inspired, keeps her talents sharp and what she enjoys outside of art.

Wear is She Now drawn by artist, Bianca Monte

1. How have you discovered your artistic style?

It took a long time until I liked my style. I started working with many different styles and mediums, like anime, traditional painting, cartoons, exploring and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Just being inspired by artists I like, helped me develop a lot. I think my art style is everything I love, mixed

2. What is your creative process like?

I start by sketching, traditionally or on my iPad, then I start with a bigger art piece. That can take an hour, or a few days. Depends on how motivated I'm feeling. But even if I'm not in the mood, I draw. It can be anything I want, I just need to keep practicing.

3. What inspires your artwork most?

Honestly, almost everything. Movies, music, other art, books, TV shows, people, etc. For example, if I'm liking the color yellow this week, my work will probably be really warm. If all I can think about is the soundtrack of a musical, I will probably base my drawings on the music. I basically get inspired by other types of art.

cup noodles drawing by @rizzodraws

bath mermaid drawn by Bianca Monte

4. What interests or hobbies do you have outside of artwork?

I absolutely adore fashion and music. I enjoy singing a lot, even though I'm still learning, and I'm really into slow and sustainable fashion and living. I'm also a vegetarian and I'm really passionate about animals.

5. Is there anything you do to keep your skills sharp or keep you inspired?

When I was a kid I relied on books because they were all I had, but now I like listening to podcasts, watching videos from other artists and studying a lot. There are a lot of free classes online for everything you need to know. Besides that, I keep a routine of drawing everyday, taking a lot of breaks and always trying to learn as much as I can to improve what I already know.

You can see plenty more of Bianca's work and commission her for your own piece of art on her instagram, @rizzodraws.


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