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Wear is She Now's First Product Launch is Here!

Wear is She Now beaded pearl necklaces


Wear is She Now's First Product Launch is Here!




Grab something sparkling, in beverage and/or sartorial form. Whether you're drinking carbonated apple juice in you're favorite sequined gown or you're donning one shimmering sock in your undies while pouring a glass of champagne...


Why am I yelling? Well, mostly because I just do that. Anyone who knows me well knows that if I don't monitor my voice when I'm speaking, my stories tend get louder and louder until they reach critical volume. Especially when I'm passionate. And I'm deeply passionate today! Because today is a day I've long awaited! (Not to mention, long teased over on YouTube and Instagram).

WEAR IS SHE NOW'S FIRST EVER PROPER PRODUCT LAUNCH IS OFFICIALLY HERE! *cue party soundtrack and wild spontaneous background dancers*

Wear is She Now beaded choker necklaces

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In the middle of 2021, I was having one of my monthly existential crisises, and I knew I needed to take action to get out of such a funk. (There are so many different kinds of funk and I think we can all agree that the musical variety is really the only one worth entertaining). I knew I needed to reconnect to my creativity as life had become just sort of.... bleh. You know?

I dove headfirst into as many creative endeavors as I could: dance, drawing, knitting????? (not sure where that one came from but my inner 85 year old is living her BEST life). In general, I just wanted to stop absorbing so much mindless garbage and start making stuff. Like with my actual hands. (Not just pinning things on Pinterest that look cool to make but will never actually see the light of day). And some of these creations, I want to share with you.

Wear is She Now beaded chocker necklace

Throughout the years, I've sold small collections of vintage in batches but that was mostly just for fun. But this? This is seriously fun. I've grown to deeply care for and appreciate this community through the Wear is Wednesday series, connecting with you in the various comment sections across my platforms and sometimes even in person. You're witty, you're bright, you're stylish, you're the coolest! And it's always an absolute joy connecting with you on a deeper level.

Wear is She Now beaded choker necklaces for girls

Through our interactions though, one of the most notable elements of our community that I've seen time and time again, is how dynamic we all are. We want to do, be and see as much as we possibly can, (all while wearing fabulous outfits of course). But sometimes, while that drive is what helps us to thrive, it can become overwhelming.

And when life gets overwhelming, outfits start to get boring and nobody wants that.

I wanted to create something that could help you express yourself on both your busiest days and chillest days alike. For me, accessories have always been an effortless wardrobe life saver. You can make even the simplest of outfits your own with the right pair of earrings, a strategically placed scarf, or a total necklace party. (I'm also convinced that belts have magical powers. Cinch in that waist my friend, and watch how the world transforms). This is why I've decided to create a line of wearable art, if you will.

freshwater pearl beaded necklaces

Each necklace in this collection is handmade by yours truly and comes with it's own story. It's my hope that by exchanging these pieces, we can exchange a little magic between internet friends. Your stylish self expression never has to suffer because you'll always have something effortlessly fun to throw on at your disposal. And your support means that I get to keep sharing the content you love.

The best news of all though? This is only the first of many launches I have up my sleeve. This party is just getting started, so stick around to see what's coming next and until then, here's to staying fabulous!



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