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I Found it. The Perfect Work From Home Outfit

Winter Balaclava outfit ideas, how to wear a balaclava

Pants: thrifted (similar) | Turtleneck: thrifted (similar) | Vest: thrifted (similar) | Jacket: thrifted (similar) | Balaclava: Outknit | Sunnies: Depop | Shoes: VIVAIA








Since the Work From Home craze has swept the nation, I've noticed a curious tendency in many of the people I speak with: everyone seems to be bragging about how they're now licensed to live in their pajamas. Now, I'm not going to pretend I don't occasionally work from my jammies when the mood strikes me. But I don't want my days to look like an endless cycle of moving from my bed to the couch without even so much as changing out of my sleeping onesie. (Yes, I have a sleeping onesie. And yes, it's phenomenal). But who says style and comfort have to be mutually exclusive anyway?

Truth be told? I find I not only get more work done throughout the day when I'm a little more dressed up, but I also sleep better. My brain needs clear signals: "Oh, we're in a button down? Cool. Let's get to work," or "Nice! We're in comfy clothes. Must be time for sleep!" Without these distinctions, I end up lazing when I should be working, and stressing when I should be sleeping.

VIVAIA collection Tara Square toe wool riding boots in peanut brown
VIVAIA Collection Tara Wool Riding Boots

So I crafted the perfect WFH outfit. It needed to be simple, but not boring. Comfy but not that comfy. And just elevated enough that if I needed to take out the trash midday, I wouldn't catch my reflection before leaving the house and realize I may be mistaken for one of the rats that frequent my bin.

And at long last, I've cracked the code:

Button down + stretchy jeans + sweater vest + boots that may as well be socks = the perfect Work From Home ensemble

Here's why it works:

Winter work from home outfit ideas

Pants: thrifted (similar) | Turtleneck: thrifted (similar) | Vest: thrifted (similar) | Jacket: thrifted (similar) | Balaclava: Outknit | Sunnies: Depop | Shoes: VIVAIA



If you're going to be sitting on your butt all day, then you might as well make it comfy. But comfy doesn't have to be synonymous with the-unwashed-sweats-I've-been-living-in-for-6-weeks. It can actually just mean a pair of jeans with plenty of stretch or a soft cotton chino. Something that looks a lot more structured than it feels.


A soft button-down or turtleneck immediately signal to you and everyone else that you mean business and great quality options are practically overflowing out of thrift stores. It's the vest that really makes this outfit the perfect WFH look though. It's a soft, knitted texture, perfect for feeling cozy. And the unique print makes the outfit overall a lot more fun than keeping it monochromatic.


The most amazing element of this outfit is by far the shoes. This is really where we get the best of both worlds. These boots by VIVAIA are made from wool and recycled plastic water bottles that have somehow been fashioned into the softest material I've ever felt. They're essentially socks you can actually leave the house in, and on a day when you're looking to strike the balance of cute and comfy, these are it.

VIVAIA collection Tara Square toe wool riding boots
VIVAIA Collection - Tara Wool Riding Boots


You may or may not actually need to leave the house on a WFH day, but let's be honest, for the sake of your health and well being, you probably should. Even if you just take a brief stroll around around the block to get some air, make it count. A quilted jacket is essentially just a quilted blanket with arms, and a balaclava is a great way to go stylishly incognito if you don't have time to entertain a conversation.


There you go folks, the perfect, cute-yet-comfy WFH outfit to keep you stylish even when the only people seeing you are your plants. Even so, don't forget that style is first and foremost, for you. Compliments and attention from the rest of the world can be great, but who says dressing up for yourself can't feel just as good?


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