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1 Year in New York. 10 Weird Experiences.

girl jumping on bed with champagne in New York City

Cheers to 1 year!

Okay. It's officially been a year in New York and despite my deepest fears, I was never evicted, mugged or thrown out for just generally being too unlikeable. I did spend the first week using napkins to dry myself after showering and living off one empanada that my boss had bought me. (I accidentally left my wallet on Long Island and had no money to buy towels... or food.) I spent the first month eating cookies and grilled cheese for dinner. And truth be told, I spent most of this first year calling my Dad to make sure I wouldn't blow up my apartment by hanging a picture in the wrong spot.

But we made it! So much can happen in one day in this city, let alone a year. So today I want to celebrate my first official 365 days as a New Yorker with a highlight reel of my most notable experiences while living here.

girl wearing Apres Studio at Ludlow Hotel NYC

1. Ate pizza at 2am in Central Park with people I just met (and sang karaoke with) that very day

2. Accidentally crashed an engagement party

3. Waited 30 minutes for a subway until some Good Samaritan, seeing the naiveté written all over my face, informed me I was on the wrong track

4. Had a strange man whip it out and start masturbating next to me (and a 92 year old woman) while online for the ATM

5. Walked 40 blocks home crying hysterically out of sadness

6. Walked 40 blocks home crying hysterically out of joy

7. Got into a public argument with a waiter taking out his bad day on me. Had a heart to heart with said waiter about how times are tough for all of us. Mutually apologized. Was gifted an apology cookie. (Though I still sometimes wonder if he spit in the food).

8. Wondered briefly on a rainy night if it was good that some of the subway stations were flooding because perhaps that meant the urine was finally being cleaned up

9. Sat out on my fire escape with a cup of tea every Wednesday to hear the live music coming from the bar downstairs

10. Fell, madly, deeply, head over heels in love with this city

girl wearing Apres Studio dress at the Ludlow Hotel


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