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Oh. So Camping is Cute Now?

Yes, You can be Fashionable while Camping. Here's How.

10 Clothing Essentials to Stay Cute in the Great Outdoors


Ah, camping. A cozy kumbaya dream to some and a dirt covered, bug infested nightmare to others. I have to admit, I used to be the latter. Camping sounded great in theory, but the thought of potentially being eaten by bears in the middle of the night kind of soured the idea for me. As with most things though, a couple of aesthetic Pinterest pictures began to get my gears turning and I wanted to experience a campfire in something other than my favorite autumnal candle.

There was still one major issue though: what on earth does one wear to stay comfortable, camping appropriate but most importantly cute?

Listen, I was fully aware that tent camping meant I'd be sacrificing a lot of my cleanliness but I saw no reason why that meant fashion needed to be scarificed as well. If I was indeed going to end up on the dinner plate of a grizzly bear, I was going to do it in style. I know figuring out what to wear while camping can be a real challenge. I mean, is there even any point in trying when you're out in the wilderness? Yes. There's always. a point. The point is life is simply too short to wear boring outfits! And I promise with these 10 camping style essentials, you'll be putting fashionable forest approved outfits together in no time.


1. the Jumpsuit

When you're camping, or traveling in any capacity really, there's nothing better than an instant outfit. Enter: the jumpsuit. It's a one piece wonder that you throw into your bag and throw on when you're ready. It's the perfect way look completely put together with very little effort. And sure, white may not be the best option for camping, but you get the idea.

2. The Scarf

There are 3 main elements of camping fashion one should always consider: versatility, utility, and compactability. And the scarf ticks all of these boxes perfectly. It's small and lightweight, taking up little to no room in your suitcase. It can be worn in countless ways and added to virtually any outfit for a little extra pizzaz. And, in a bind, a scarf can be used as a blanket, a head wrap, a pillow, a hair tie and even to tie things together.

3. The Turtleneck

Especially when you're camping in cooler climates, a trusty layering piece is absolute must have. A neutral colored turtleneck not only provides warmth when the temperature drops, but it can also be the perfect way to add a little variation to a few key pieces by mixing and matching.

4. The Puffy Vest

A puffy vest is almost as much of a camping must have as s'mores. I'm a fan of the quilted look but really any style will work as long as it's comfortable. It's another versatile layering piece that just screams I'm ready for adventure! Worn under a jacket it provides warmth and visual interest. Or try taking some styling notes from Gucci and add a belt over it to maintain a little shape.

5. The Plaid Skirt

A plaid skirt may not be the most obvious choice for a camping endeavor but trust me, it works. It's a great way to not only confuse people, (is that an elementary school principle living in the woods?) but it's also an excellent way to express a little femininity among so much dirt. Plus, if you head to dinner outside of your campsite, it can be easily dressed up to fit the bill.

6. The Lightweight Jacket

Be forewarned, your clothes may end up smelling like campfire by the end of your adventure, so I wouldn't recommend bringing your very favorite dry clean only fur shag from the 70s. Yes, we love fashion, but a little practicality can save you some tears in the long run. So instead, choose a lightweight jacket that's machine wash friendly and use some layering magic to make it fabulous.

7. The Running Short

Whether you're going for a hike or running from bears, a breathable pair of running shorts is a camping must have. Play around with how you style them to avoid looking like you just left the gym (which is arguably how most camping outfits end up looking). Paired with a feminine blouse instead of a sweatshirt or leather moccasins instead of sneakers, they look interesting instead of lazy.

8. The Oversized Hat

A sun shield, a rain guard, a fashion statement; the oversized hat does it all. Whether it's a bucket hat, a woven beach hat, a Fishermans hat, it doesn't matter. The bigger it is the more fabulous you'll look. And while some decisions made for the sake of fashion can seem frivolous, this one is so practical, how can anyone argue with it?

9. The Slip on Shoe

When you wake up at 4am with the sudden urge to pee, the last thing you're going to want to do is fumble with an impractical pair of shoes in the dark. Anything you can easily slip on will be your best friend but that doesn't mean they have to be ugly. Leather moccasins, cowgirl boots, flats are all cute options for answering natures call.

10. The Woolen Sock

Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you're sleeping on dirt you can slack off on your footwear. Especially if you're tucking them over over long pants to avoid ticks or other bites, you probably don't want to reveal the mismatched hole ridden socks you've been wearing since 7th grade. The woolen sock can be your fashion forward life saver when you're camping. Practically, they're obviously warm and cozy without making your feet sweat. And style wise, their texture makes you appear that much more put together without even trying.


There you have it folks! These are my ten camping fashion essentials to keep you stylish, practical and comfortable when you're living out of a tent. These outfits are sure to leave people wondering: who's hotter? You or the marshmallow I just singed to a crisp for my s'more?

It's definitely you.


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