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Wear is She Wednesday: Danielle Sarkissian

Danielle Sarkissian at Lisa Says Gah green mirror

Wear is She Wednesday: Danielle Sarkissian




Danielle Sarkissian from Lisa Says Gah

Back in the Summer of 2019, my favorite indie "it" brand hosted a pop up in New York and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a lovely member of their team, Danielle Sarkissian. She's the kind of girl whose genuine soul can be felt instantly upon speaking with her. Not to mention, between her effortless style, bob haircut & chill disposition, she's just downright cool!

Her Instagram is a gorgeous mix of her semi thrifted, semi designer style and a behind the scenes take on what

it's like to work for LSG. Today however, we get the chance, not only to speak with her about the brand, but to get to know her personally! So keep reading for Danielle's thoughts on flea market treasures, kittens, Rihanna and so much more.

Hi Danielle, please introduce your wonderful self!

Hello, my name is Danielle Sarkissian. I'm from Orange County, California but I am currently located in San Francisco, CA working as Design and Production Coordinator at SF based womens apparel brand Lisa Says Gah.

At Lisa Says Gah I work alongside Lisa to dream up all of the pieces that attribute to our in house collection (The Lisa Says Gah Label). Together we draw inspiration from vintage pieces to merge new and old designs, we then work with local fabric vendors to source the appropriate fabrications for each season.

I follow each and every silhouette through the production process where I work closely with a woman named Lili who owns and runs the factory we work with so that everything is produced efficiently and in a timely manner.

When I'm not working you can find me at a flea market looking for inspiration, or cuddling up on the couch watching Sex And The City with my two kittens Monty and Kiki.

Danielle Sarkissian LSG pop up party

Danielle Sarkissian at a Lisa Says Gah pop up party

What is the best part about working for Lisa Says Gah?

The best part about working for Lisa Says Gah is being able to bring my creative vision to life alongside Lisa, an incredibly intelligent and humble human being who instills so much trust in her team.

Lisa has built such an incredible brand that inspires ladies everywhere to be mindful of their apparel purchases and to really get to know the designers and creators behind brands and I think that is so special.

We also have such a small team at LSG and I'm proud to work in unison with such passionate individuals. We all wear many hats and I think that is what makes us such a fluid team!

How did you get involved with LSG?

I moved to San Francisco back in 2016 and prior to my move from Southern California to the bay area, I began following bloggers in San Francisco to truly discover the hidden gems of the city. It was then that I stumbled upon Lisa Says Gah who was a baby at the time and I fell in love with the brand and its mission.

While finishing school in San Francisco I kept a close eye on the brand, watching it grow and towards the end of my studies I reached out with my resume and cover letter. Lisa took interest in me and brought me in. With the small nature of the team, there wasn't an available position at the time but with determination I kept reaching out over the period of about 6 months and boom here we are! I've been with Lisa Says Gah for nearly 9 months now and it has been such an incredible journey!

Danielle Sarkissian in front of a blue vespa

Danielle Sarkissian on the street of Brooklyn, NYC street style

I’m sure you get asked about LSG all the time, but tell us more about YOU! What are your interests or hobbies outside of work?

When I'm not working you can find me jogging in Golden Gate Park, having coffee near Ocean Beach, or rummaging through racks at a flea market in search of treasures. Working in the creative sphere ensures that work never stops because the greatest ideas usually come together when you're not sitting behind a desk! I'm always working on a better work life balance, but I love what I do so it usually doesn't feel like work!

Do you have any current favorites you could recommend to us?

I'm not much of a podcast person but I do love listening to music while working. I typically listen to one artist at a time because any playlists I've ever tried to make usually ends up being a weird mix of every genre so it doesn't really flow well. Currently I'm listening to Mac Millers Swimming album but when I need something upbeat I blast Rihanna.

Danielle Sarkissian rainbow over New York City

Danielle Sarkissian in front of a cobalt blue mirror

Your style is fabulous! Who or what inspires your style most?

This is a tough one! I mainly invest in designer shoes/ handbags I'm in love with and then thrift everything else! I take a lot of inspiration from the blogger Courtney Trop of @AlwaysJudging. She has such a fun and edgy look, her outfits keep you on your toes!

What’s something you’re really proud of?

I’m really proud of completing my first season with Lisa Says Gah Spring 2020! The custom Lisa Says Gah print was so much fun to create! It’s going to be a very exciting one coming February!

Where else can we find you, Danielle?

You can find me @danielle.psd and my website is but it's a bit out of date.


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