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Wear is She Wednesday: Daina Reynolds

Daina Reynolds model

Aside from Daina’s obvious physical beauty, the most beautiful thing about her is her heart. She’s overflowing with genuine care and generosity in a way that most people just aren’t. Her spontaneous, free spirit has lead her all around the world and her “just go for it” attitude towards life is infectious. Being one of my oldest friends, I could write a book on the wonderful things about her, but I’ll let Daina’s interview speak for itself.

Hi Daina! Please introduce your wonderful self!

Hi, my full name is Daina Seeta Reynolds, and I spend (arguably) waaaaay too much time in my head. My current hobbies include reading, writing, and beaching (?) mainly. Despite my seemingly stagnant list of hobbies, I actually love to move my body. Yoga, pilates, walking, and dancing all (welcomely) creep themselves into most days. Though I still ask myself what truly defines a person, I like to think we are ever changing; constantly evolving into our most wonderful selves.

1. Why is travel so important to you?

For me, I feel that I experience a lot of growth during times of travel. New perspectives, greater lessons. There is a sense of immersion that innately happens when we put ourselves in a new space. To be broken out of the routine, and placed somewhere so drastically different can bring on enormous change. It is a reminder that there is so much to this world. These "awakenings", are part of the reason I find travel so important.

Daina Reynolds modeling

Daina Reynolds getting ready for a model shoot

2. What is your biggest tip for those interested in doing solo travel?

Above all, just go for it, and trust, trust, trust! I could honestly make an entire video about this. Part of the secret is to not fear the unknown, to go with an open mind, and to be accepting of what comes in. The less philosophical answer? Start small and ease yourself into it.

3. What does personal style mean to you?

Self expression; your ability to show others all that you embody in that moment. The emission of your truest self to the world; your unique touch. Personal style should feel radiant.

Daina Reynolds modeling in Greenport

Daina Reynolds for Miss New York

4. Who or what inspires your style most?

How I feel mainly. Noticing what I gravitate toward and staying true to that. If another person catches my eye, then I also work with that. People are better for motivation I think; seeing how good something looks on another encourages me to go out and find my own thing that also makes me feel that great. Understanding the difference between situational practicality and conformity. Know yourself and work with it. Inspiration is not a predictable thing.

5. What do you hope to be remembered for?

Making people feel something. For reminding people what it is like to connect. Genuine authenticity and the acceptance that goes along with it. Conversation that is thought provoking. In my head, these are all one thing.

6. And the bonus question I like to ask everyone before they go: What’s something you’re really proud of right now?

Daina Reynolds modeling a bikini

Daina Reynolds modeling in Long Island

Learning the process of growth. In this endless cycle of creation it can sometimes seem as though no progress is being made, but the beauty is that we are always on our way 🙂

Where else can we find you, Daina?

You can find me on the insta @dainareyn and also on youtube. I also made a website? Not sure what my plan is for it yet, but if you want to take a look see every now and again, you can head on over to 🙂


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