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Jan 9, 2024 - Feb 19, 2024

The Elevéted Life


🩰 What would it feel like to FINALLY perform on stage as a late bloomer, even after everyone told you it was impossible? What if you opened that dance studio you've been dreaming of since you were 17? What would happen if you just let yourself walk into your first ballet class? The Elevéted Life is for adult ballet dancers (or aspiring ones!) who long to follow their big, beautiful dreams, but feel overwhelmed, don't know where to begin and always seem to give up halfway through. This 5 week workshop will show you exactly how to make your goals a reality, no matter how big or small. By harnessing the power of timeless principles every dancer uses for success, in just a few weeks, you'll learn: -the shocking truth about the sneaky saboteurs constantly stopping you dead in your tracks (and EXACTLY how to overcome them) -how to turn even your BIGGEST ideas into simple, easily achievable steps so that you feel clear and confident instead of overwhelmed or constantly distracted -how to master the art of TIME instead of feeling like a slave to it and get quality years of your life back (no more "I'm too late," "maybe next year," or "why didn't I start sooner?") -how to build a signature sense of style that helps you consistently tap into the energy of your BEST creative self and show up with confidence DAILY -how to design and optimize your spaces for success (and the ways that not doing so can massively hold you back) -and much more! These trainings and workbooks are yours to keep which means you can use these valuable skills to achieve countless other goals, long after the workshop is over. Shakespeare famously said "all the world's a stage," and if you're ready to stop waiting in the wings and start making your life a masterpiece, THIS is your chance.



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The Elevéted Life

with Veronica Viccora | January 15, 2024

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